About us

about-usHello! It’s great to meet you. We are fans of Dying Fetus, the popular death metal band. Now, don’t be off put by the name; we know that sometimes death metal can seem a little bit too extreme. But we think that if you give it a chance, you might really enjoy it after a while! And we don’t JUST limit ourselves to writing about Dying Fetus. If you’re more of a hard rock or mainstream metal fan, we cover those too! However, our love is for death metal and acts such as DF, Belphagor, and Behemoth.

We also cover news about rock and metal music, different TYPES of rock and metal, and the musical instruments that some of our favorite artists use. You might start by reading a death metal album review and end up reading about what kind of Les Paul guitar the artist used to make that amazing album. We try to cover every single aspect of rock and metal, from the building blocks (instruments!) to the end product (the album!) and everything in between. We also like to cover the artists themselves, and learn what makes them write the music that they do and create the amazing work that they create.

DescendIntoDepravity.info is a labor of love; we don’t do this because we get paid big bucks by record labels or by production companies. We cover the music and artists that we love and have a passion for; all of the articles you read are a product of hundreds of hours of death metal listening. We only want you to have the best information about this subject; metal is serious business for us! We hope that we are able to further your metal education, and possibly even convert some skeptics into metal fans!

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