Best Dying Fetus Albums

Best Dying Fetus Albums

Dying Fetus has been a controversial act in the death metal field for some time. The very name of the band was chosen to offend people; the band members were young at the time and really wanted an edgy and offensive name to get under people’s skin. Dying Fetus has released 7 studio albums; their career has spanned 1996 to the present day. Today we are going to go through all of the best albums of Dying Fetus, all the way to our pick for the greatest Dying Fetus album. Are you ready? Put on your headphones and get ready to listen, because some awesome death metal is about to head your way!

  1. Purification Through Violence

The first album that a band releases is very rarely their best work, and 1996’s Purification Through Violence is no exception. This album is straightforward death metal, and does not stray very much from the traditional image of death metal. Upon its release it did not chart on any radio stations (which is not unusual for death metal!) and received average-to-negative reviews. This album’s lineup is vocalist/bassist Jason Netherton, lead guitarist Brian Latta, drummer Rob Belton, and rhythm guitarist John Gallagher. This album showed a lot of promise, but Dying Fetus had not hit their stride just yet.

  1. War of Attrition

2007’s War of Attrition was an improvement on the sound in Purification Through Violence. Dying Fetus experimented with several different sounds for their albums released after Purification, but no album quite captured (and improved upon!) their original sound like this album did. War of Attrition added a brand-new sound to the generic death metal sound, so that Dying Fetus sounded like an even BETTER version of themselves. This album still is not their BEST work, but the combination of new and old Dying Fetus works very well overall.

  1. Stop At Nothing

2003’s Stop At Nothing perfected a formula that Dying Fetus had used since their early albums: socio-political lyrics. Although their first three albums toyed with the idea of politically-charged themes, it was not until this album that the themes really began to show themselves. The lyrics are usually very critical of the US, and point out problems and inequalities in society. The musical sound is that of deathgrind, which combines hardcore punk with death metal. The first three Dying Fetus albums leaned towards death metal with small traces of hardcore; this album really lets the punk flag fly.

  1. Killing On Adrenaline

Are you sensing the overall themes of the album titles here? Violence, anger, and a general determination and rage. If you ever feel like just getting angry and releasing that anger in a harmless way, death metal is the way to go!

More to the point, 1998’s Killing On Adrenaline was the second Dying Fetus album, and the first cohesive Dying Fetus album. This album solidified the sound that Dying Fetus was trying to go for, and started to show more songwriting skill than any previous albums had. The socio-political lyrics started showing themselves a bit in this album, but these themes were still buried under the gory, angsty lyrics more typical to death metal. Dying Fetus’ sound was starting to come to its own in this album!

  1. Infatuation With Malevolence

This is a different type of album than the rest on this list; it is compilation of demo tracks from the early days of Dying Fetus. It is really neat to see the very early sound Dying Fetus exhibited before they got a major record label contract. This compilation was originally released as “Bathe in Entrails,” but it was later changed when a few more demo tracks were added to the overall album. A few live tracks from early shows were also added. Even though Dying Fetus’ first studio album was not very good, their demos and live tracks show that the band was able to easily release a raw blast of anger through their music.

  1. Descent Into Depravity

2009’s Descent Into Depravity is generally acknowledged as some of Dying Fetus’s best work. The drumming is beyond compare in this album, as drummer Trey Williams steps behind the drums and plays blast beats so fast, you’ll feel like you got hit with a train. The punk-type political lyrics have not left (and probably never will!) but you don’t want them to leave either. This album is a fantastic display of Dying Fetus; this would definitely make the shortlist of must-listen albums if you want to get into death metal. If you’re interested in getting into Dying Fetus for the first time, you should take a look at this album! But this is not the only one you should listen to; the award for VERY best Dying Fetus album goes to:

  1. Destroy the Opposition

This 2000 album is the 3rd release from Dying Fetus, and generally stands as the best work of their entire career so far. This album retains the raw, animalistic energy of their first two albums, and is JUST political enough to add some sense to the overall anger of the album. The growled vocals, the pounding drums, and the chugging guitar riffs are at their prime in Destroy the Opposition. This goes on our number one list for Best Dying Fetus albums, and goes in the top 5 list for best death metal albums of all time. If you’re looking for a jumping-on point for Dying Fetus and death metal in general, look no further; you’ve found it!

And there you have it! Death metal is not the easiest genre to get into, but Dying Fetus makes it much easier by adding a real sense of groove to their flailing riffs. The growling and extreme nature of the music can be offputting to some, but if you like a good way to release anger through catharsis death metal can be your answer. Start your Dying Fetus listening adventure now!

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