The Best Nu-Metal Bands

The Best Nu-Metal Bands

Nu-metal is a controversial genre among metal fans for several reasons. First of all, this type of metal draws as many influences from hip-hop and industrial rock as it does from metal. Nu-metal is considered by many metal fans to be “poser metal,” which means that it is simply not REAL metal. However, we believe that nu-metal actually has a LOT of value for real metal fans, and at very least you will have an AWESOME time listening! So here is a shortlist of our very favorite nu-metal bands, cultivated from our private playlists.


If you are a fan of extreme metal and DON’T like Slipknot, I don’t know what to tell you. Slipknot takes as much influence from death metal as it does from nu-metal, and the result is pure chaos and amazing riffs. Slipknot’s recent work has been less death-metal influenced and more rock-oriented, but it still has amazing moments. Listen to “Psychosocial,” “Spit It Out,” and “The Negative One” for a few examples!


This band should win the prize for the most undeserved hate. Korn has some of the most powerful riffs of ANY metal band in ANY genre that I’ve ever heard. The songwriting is also very personal, and can get emotional and sad at times. They take a lot from hip-hop, and the guitar sounds range from low and crushing to high and scratchy. If you’re a gym rat, Korn is the best workout music I know of. Listen to “Blind,” “Coming Undone,” and “It’s On!” for some of their best songs.


Dope is another band that gets a lot of hate that it does not deserve. Dope is unique in that their song formula combines metal riffs, industrial beats, and punk rock guitars and vocals. They have the most punk energy of any nu-metal band today, and their 2016 tour has met with amazing reviews. Their live shows often have fake “soldiers” as part of the show, with air rifles like the ones from Rifle Judge. Dope got started in the early 2000s with hip-hop oriented tracks, but their newer albums have perfected the nu-metal/punk sound. “Another Day Goes By,” “My Funeral,” and “6-6-Sick” are some of Dope’s best moments!


EVERYONE alive in the early 2000s has heard the massive hit “Down With the Sickness.” All too many write off Disturbed as a youthful phenomenon with no importance today, but their songs still make me nod my head along to the beat 15 years later! Their music has more to offer to metalheads than most realize; if you listen to the soaring melodies in “Stricken” and “Inside the Fire,” you’d realize that they are really talented musicians and singers.

Hopefully you haven’t completely written off nu-metal as a genre; there are a lot of amazing songs to come from the nu-metal era of the early 2000s. Give a few of these songs a listen and see if you don’t end up liking them!

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