Best Rock and Metal Drummers

Best Rock and Metal Drummers

One of the most memorable aspects of any band is the drummer; you notice this most at live concerts, but you can also hear this in recordings. However, the drummer often takes a backseat to the guitarist. I personally have no problem with this, being a guitarist myself, but here is a list of the best drummers in rock and metal! (By the way I still do love drummers and know they deserve love too!)

Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison is the drummer for Slipknot and Scar the Martyr. Joey has made the list for “Best Metal Drummer” on Loudwire and other metal sites; a massive poll was held of metal fans and he was chosen as the best. Joey favors a death metal/black metal style that is lightning fast and filled with blast beats that most drummers could not even hope to play. He left Slipknot due to health issues, but his band Scar the Martyr adds his massive drum beats to a more atmospheric, industrial-style band.

Chris Adler

Chris Adler of Lamb of God is one of the best drummers in modern metal. His style is extremely simple; he focuses on beats that drive the music forward without drawing much attention to the drums. The reason Adler is such a wonderful drummer is because he plays for the MUSIC, not for himself. He is willing to play music that makes himself look less impressive in order to drive the music forward. He doesn’t draw much attention to himself, but he gets the job done and sounds amazing doing it!

Vinnie Paul

Vinnie Paul often gets overshadowed by his older brother, Dimebag Darrell. Dimebag is one of my heroes; one of the best guitarists in rock history. Vinnie was a member of Pantera and Damageplan with Dimebag, and the drummer for Hellyeah after Dimebag was assassinated. Vinnie Paul’s style is VERY simple. He plays the simplest beats in the world, but they sound AMAZING. His drums are hypnotic in their simplicity; see the Pantera song “Walk” for an example. However he knows how to show off his drum chops as well! His drumming in Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates” is a fantastic example of Vinnie Paul’s drumming.

 Neil Peart

And now for the best of them all: Rush’s drummer, Neil Peart! Peart has the ability to play drums unlike ANYONE else. He can play in odd time signatures such as 5/4 and 13/8 with NO problem. His drum skills give Rush an amazingly complex sound, especially when added to Alex Lifeson’s gentle guitar textures and Geddy Lee’s bass and keyboard atmospheres. He often uses drum samples to add sound to his playing, such as the ones you can find at this website. Peart not only plays the drums for the band, but he writes most of the songs and directs most of the band’s artistic direction. Peart is a consummate musician and artist in addition to being one of the best drummers in the music business.

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