Best Dying Fetus Albums

Best Dying Fetus Albums

Dying Fetus has been a controversial act in the death metal field for some time. The very name of the band was chosen to offend people; the band members were young at the time and really wanted an edgy and offensive name to get under people’s skin. Dying Fetus has released 7 studio albums; their career has spanned 1996 to the present day. Today we are going to go through all of the best albums of Dying Fetus, all the way to our pick for the greatest Dying Fetus album. Are you ready? Put on your headphones and get ready to listen, because some awesome death metal is about to head your way!

  1. Purification Through Violence

The first album that a band releases is very rarely their best work, and 1996’s Purification Through Violence is no exception. This album is straightforward death metal, and does not stray very much from the traditional image of death metal. Upon its release it did not chart on any radio stations (which is not unusual for death metal!) and received average-to-negative reviews. This album’s lineup is vocalist/bassist Jason Netherton, lead guitarist Brian Latta, drummer Rob Belton, and rhythm guitarist John Gallagher. This album showed a lot of promise, but Dying Fetus had not hit their stride just yet.

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