Top 10 Best Metal Genres

Top 10 Best Metal Genres

Metal has a long and noteworthy tradition all around the world; almost every country in the world has a least ONE metal band to boast about. This diversity has led to a number of styles and genres; here are a few of the very best!

  1. Hair Metal

Hair metal, such as Poison and Judas Priest, has a firm grip on the 80s as the most popular genre to emerge from that era. With loud, reverberated drums and high-pitched singers, hair metal may sound a bit dated today. But I dare you to put on “Living After Midnight” and NOT nod your head along with the music!

  1. Doom Metal

This sludgy style, pioneered by Black Sabbath, was more popular in the 90s and early 2000s than it is today, but it still has a place in metal history! It is a slowed down and low-pitched, but man it packs an emotional punch!

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